I needed some time off, time to detox, renew, rejuvenate mentally and physically. I was getting very overwhelmed with the pressure I was putting on myself to eat well, workout, be productive at work, be a great fiancé and friend, and do it all with a smile, I had stopped enjoying the journey and was just going through the motions. I decided to just do what I wanted to do. I ate delicious (unhealthy) food, I worked out randomly and “off the beaten path”, I slept in (until 6 am), I read, and I just tried to recenter. It worked…I am back!

I spent time on my bike, on long walks, and in yoga. I was introduced to a new gym today, 9 round, loved it! It’s a quick half hour, 9 stations, very intense, can’t wait to go back! I am juicing for a few days – 3 day cleanse to reset my body, thanks Juiced! Mobile 🙂

I am excited to have my mojo back-it was a rough but needed week! I am re-energized by the journey, can’t wait to see what’s on the other side!

Have a great night,

Thanks to my friend Stacey for helping me see progress and movement on the journey. Sometimes you forget how far you have come and you need a friend to show you! Stacey found this photo (top from 12/31/11 and I coupled it with the one on the bottom from 2/22/13 I was shocked at myself over the just over one year time period. Thanks Stacey for the reminder!!


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Experience rules…in my book

Eric and I actually got to go out for a few hours tonight before he had to work, it was so grown up of us! We arrived an hour early for a surprise party, yep an hour early since E forgot to check the invite. Nonetheless, we had a lovely evening with some of his high school and college friends, I enjoy meeting the people that have been a part of shaping his story (helps everything make more sense) :)!


I am VERY sore today from my workout variety over the past few weeks – tabatas, bootcamp, stairs, running (don’t tell my doctor), heavy lifting, spinning, outdoor biking, kickboxing, and yoga. I love variety because it not only keeps my mind going and challenged, it surprises my body and reminds me that I need to get my butt kicked every now and then!

Tomorrow I am again running stairs then hopefully going to spin (or outdoor biking – weather dependent). A group of girls from work is going to see Jillian Michaels in the evening, I am looking forward to time with old friends and seeing Ms. Michaels in person, I am sure I will leave either inspired or scared!

—I walked 11,981 steps (5.06 miles)
—I consumed 1787 calories (32% carb, 42% fat, and 26% protein)
—I burned 1500 calories between 60 minutes of outdoor bootcamp and 90 minutes of lifting

MY LEARNING: I was sharing with a friend today my thoughts on expertise vs experience. in my opinion, you don’t have to be an expert on topics you are passionate about (if it’s legally required – be an expert), you need to be genuine (which comes from experiences). Sure, expertise is great, but people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care, which is where the genuine and experiences comes into play. My experiences and my desire to share them and help others is based on life lessons and experiences, not expertise. Sure I was an expert at making excuses and being overweight and being in pain, that didn’t matter until I started experiencing life and changing how I viewed it. I encountered people that cared and were real with me, those are the ones I trust and listen to still to this day! I firmly hold to —> Experience means more than expertise.

Have a great Sunday!

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Face Off


It’s time to face the fear of change, of defeat, of regret! Every day we each chose to wake up and do something – tackle the day or be tackled by it. I personally chose the former, I work to tackle each day if its with a strong workout, a great song on the way to work, healthy food to keep me feeling full of energy. Sure, there are times when a day might seem bad but it’s really one part, not the full day. I chose to be optimistic and know that the next interaction is mine to own and I can change the course of the day!

As I was driving home from my chilly, windy, and tough outdoor morning workout my car started making a “wheel of fortune” noise. I pulled over to see what was stuck, nothing I could see, so I called the dealership, made an appointment, and went in to have the offending object removed. Fast forward two hours…my rear brakes are rusted, the brake pads shot, and leaking fluid…and I have a potential bill of much more than $35.99 (for a quick check)! Uhhh, so not what I needed (or obviously wanted) to hear on a Friday that I had a few hours in the office as I was off for a girls afternoon with a friend. Rather than freaking out and canceling my day, I looked at this as a potential sign, it’s not a day ruiner nor even derailer, just a quick jaunt off course that helped me do some research and start planning for the potential of a new car in the next year. I got the work done, my car is safe, and I have time to plan for the next investment I plan to make.

—I consumed 1,657 calories (47% fat, 24% carbs, 29% protein)
—I burned 985 calories over my 90 minute workouts
—I walked 15,964 steps (120 floors and 6.86 miles)

MY LEARNING: own your decisions and attitude to change your results and outcomes!

Have a great night

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Wise Words


—I walked 14,239 steps, 16 floors, and 5.87 miles
—I burned1282 calories through lifting and spin
—I consumed 1613 calories (27% carbs, 36% fat, 37% protein)

MY LEARNING: don’t wait for permission to change your life, head towards your destiny and own each and every step along the way!


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Back to my roots

Four years ago I started bootcamp, I was so nervous when we moved from a warm gymnasium to the cold Milwaukee spring and…Bradford beach. The dreaded sand, hill, and stairs! I lumbered through my daily workouts, getting stronger and faster along the way. Today, I voluntarily went with friends and we spent an hour sprinting stairs, crawling up hills, and trudging through sand while the sun rose overhead. Who would have ever thought that I would come to find such happiness at at place that brought me, initially so much fear and physical pain!


—I ate 1380 calories today (32% fat, 27% carb, and 41% protein)
—I burned 1700 calories over about 2.5 hours of working out (see above plus spinning)
—I walked 18,201 steps (76 floors & 7.56 miles)

MY LEARNING: no surprise here, mental preparation sets me up for success. I planned everything Tuesday night – food, clothes, workouts, music – it went perfectly according to plan! Preparation is and will always be key!!

Have a great night

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